School Info

Graduate Debt-Free with 4 Years Experience.

2019-2020 Registration

Registration for 2019-2020 academic year (both semesters) will begin June 7th, 2019. A printable registration form is available under the Registration tab. Complete form, sign, and mail along with payment in full to:

Kentuckiana Machining Association, PO Box 437076, Louisville, KY 40253

Payment Methods: Personal check, company check or money order only. Checks must be made payable to the “Kentuckiana Machining Association”. No refunds issued after the first night of class.

Registration form and payment must be received at the above address by 07/25/19. Registration forms received without payment in full or student signature will not be accepted. Registration information will be mailed to the address of record for all students enrolled in the 2018-2019 school year.

Tuition Rates & Books

Tuition includes all books and shop supplies. See registration form for current tuition. Guidelines below for reference.

• Full-time enrollment (1 night per week) full year cost (both semesters).
• Semester classes or ½ night per week is ½ total year cost
• Quarter year course is ¼ total year cost

To minimize tuition increases, all books are the property of the KMA and loaned to the student for use. Any lost or damaged books will be charged to the student. Transcripts, certificates, and re-enrollment will be denied until book replacement fee is paid.

School Summary

Training machinists, mold-makers, die-makers, and maintenance machinists.

  • Free job placement assist.
  • 100% employment across 4 years.
  • Earn while going to school.
  • Graduate with 4 years on the job experience.
  • Tuition includes books and all fees.
  • Employers pay 100% tuition in most cases.
  • Classes 1 night per week saving travel time.
  • All classes are specific to the technical core. No electives or unnecessary general education requirements.
  • Graduate debt free making a high salary comparable to business and engineering majors.

College Credits

College or technical school credits earned at a post-secondary level (after high school) can be considered for transfer into the KMA program when pursuing a 4 year certificate. KMA course alignment to other institutions may not allow credit to apply. KMA education coordinator determines courses accepted towards a 4 year certificate.

Official transcripts must be sent directly to the KMA PO Box below by the college or technical school. Copies sent by students will not be considered.

Deadline for receipt of official transcripts for 2019-2020 academic year is July 1st, 2019.

Kentuckiana Machining Association
PO Box 437076
Louisville, KY 40253

Class Attendance Policy

Attendance is required for students to receive a certificate of completion from the Kentuckiana Machining Association. Therefore, no excused absences will be granted for any reason. For each class missed, a student’s final grade will have 4 points deducted.

Furthermore, a student will not pass a class if they miss more than 15% of the required class meeting hours. See Minimum attendance requirements by course number in education menu and/or student menu.

Continuing Education

The KMA provides core technical and related courses specific to machinist, mold maker, die maker, tool maker, and maintenance machinist apprenticeships. Students choosing to further their education currently have the option to take general education courses (i.e. English, Humanities, etc.) at Jefferson Community Technical College (Louisville & Shelby Campus’) to pursue an associate degree in machine technology. Jefferson Community Technical College accepts up to 48 credit hours from the KMA program at no cost to the student, except for JCTC admission fee. An associate degree from JCTC typically required 67-72 credit hours, up to 48 already earned.

School Locations

Southern High School and Jeffersontown High School. See school locations for addresses. Locations determined by course number on the registration form.